Technical Specification:
• Time for jewelry evaluation – 3 minutes.
• Money transfer to a client’s credit/debit card.
• X-ray analysis and specific weight measurement
• Storage and issuance of collateral
• (W х H х D) – 31,5 х 70,9 х 31,5 inches.
• Amount of collateral-box units – 100.


  •    Custody Bot (Automatic Gold Exchange Kiosk) is a robotized ATM size machine used for assaying, buying, storing pawned gold items as well as for the sale of gold coins and small gold bars. This unique equipment can be successfully used in such operations as buying up scrap or gold items, evaluation and temporary custody of precious metals, credit on the security of precious metals and selling invest gold.
  •    Custody bot does duty for account managers, professional valuers, bank vaults and reduces transaction costs with physical gold. All functions are automated and formed into single ultra-reliable, guaranteed, autonomous, safe, ultimately technological robotic terminal. Custody bot is made of 3 mm thick steel and is ATMs styled, has a double vault, equipped with video monitoring and alarm. All sessions are recorded. Transactions are executed via a remote secure server.
  •    Multistage evaluation of metal – spectral assay, air and water weighing, density measurement – allows to achieve maximum appraisal accuracy, verification of metal authenticity and composition, identify purity in just 3 minutes, significantly reducing costs for acceptance, evaluation, and storage of the gold. Double vault offers 100 individual cells plus one large container for the buyup.


  •    Operation with physical gold is profitable and demand for the purchase and sale gold among persons is constantly growing.
  •    To work in the field of transactions with gold, it is necessary to hire expensive expert appraisers, supply them with professional equipment, and tool up with a security system every single office.
  • The machine allows to completely replace a person and allows to scale the gold business. It has fully automated the evaluation, accounting, and payment processes and put everything into the ATM machine body.
custody bot

unit economics:

  • Income from buying up scrap – from 2 to 10 USD per gram
  • Revenue from the sale of bars and coins – up to 10 USD per gram
  • Income from loans issued – up to 100% per annum 
  • The expected average buy-up volume per year is 4000 grams, sales volume is 2500 g. Gross income from buy/sell operations is 42,000 USD.
  • Loans issued on the security of gold based on 100% per annum with an average income of 10,000 USD per year.
  • Expenses per Custody bot a year (based on a local network of 10 terminals) – maintenance, depreciation, lease payments, rent, cash-in-transit services, marketing amount to 25,000 USD per year

Expected net profit from 1 bot at its own operations amounts to 27,000 USD per year.

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    We represent «GoldMint» fintech company, a part of KVP Group multicorporate enterprise, for many years providing services in operations with precious metals to both individuals and companies. The group combines departments on buying out, processing and sale of gold, bookkeeping and legal backing of pawn-brokers and gold buying up shops, as well as “MosGorLombard” the oldest network of pawnshops in Russia. 

    With international knowledge and personal expertise, we have developed an industry changing solution that is based on tested technologies and gained experience.

    •     This technology will allow the business to accumulate physical gold of retail customers and contribute to further development of trade, resale, expansion of investment gold operations, and accumulation of reserves. Promptness and accuracy of transactions will allow providing the best modern service to customers and prove that with a convenient and reliable buyback of gold, the demand for physical gold sales also increases.
    •     A pilot project of Custody bot has been launched in a chain of pawn-brokers in Moscow. Market research showed that private consumers trust and assess positively this terminal, like to use it, evaluate it as reliable, safe and with a friendly interface, which shows the market demand and potential for scaling this technology.



    Alexey Chuykin

    Co-founder Plastic Media / SMXCom, 7Seconds Former CEO DIXIS, Euroset, Detski Mir.

    CEO, Board Member

    Dmitry Pluschevskiy

    Co-founder of LOT-ZOLOTO Gold Trading Company. Entrepreneur (IT projects).

    Board Member

    Igor Ryabenkiy

    Managing Partner at Altair Capital Management.

    Board Member

    Dmitry Evenko

    Senior partner at Whiteridge Advisors SA. More than 20 years on the management positions of international hedge funds.

    Board Member

    Konstantin Romanov

    Former Rosbank Vice-president. Former Norilskiy Nikel. Advisor to CEO. CBDO at LOT-ZOLOTO.


    Co-founder, CEO

    Dmitry Pluschevski

    Co-founder of LOT-ZOLOTO Gold Trading Company. Entrepreneur (IT projects).



    Founder of Lombard Payments platform. Significant work experience in banks and fintech projects.



    Head of IT projects in retail, marketing, and education since 2010.


    Vasily Shadrin

    13-year work experience as a in-house lawyer in Russian divisions of LG, Samsung, KT & G, Continental, Benteler.


    Konstantin Pichugin

    IT-programmer, since 2006. Desktop and mobile apps, games, 3D simulators. Blockchain developer.

    Backend Developer


    Lombard Payments developer. Software and web apps developer with 10+ years of experience.

    Devops Engineer

    Maksim Reshetov

    Developing since 2006. Desktop and mobile apps, games, 3D simulators. Blockchain developer.

    Software Developer

    Vasiliy Rusyakin

    Software developer with 10+ years of experience, from apps up to business solutions.

    Lead Engineer

    Andrey Rakhmatullin


    Stanislav Kudrevich


    Dmitry Perov


    Eduard Mingazov

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